Notice of PERMIT Issuance


To view the permit and application documents, please follow the instructions below: 

  • Step 1: Locate the desired permit in the list below.
  • Step 2: Click on the hyperlinked Permit number, associated with the desired permit. You will be redirected to the E-Permitting website to view the permit and application documents.

*The following permit(s) have been issued within the last 30 days. All issued permits not found below may be viewed in the E-Permitting website here

Formal Wetland Determination 01/17/2024 245365-2   Tomoka Hills Alachua
WOD 01/17/2024 246473-1   Harpo Holdings Zero Rise Gilchrist
General 01/18/2024 212864-5   Turkey Creek Preserve Observation Deck Alachua
General 01/18/2024 246510-1   CR 357 Bridge over Shired Creek Dixie
Transfer of Ownership 01/19/2024 210481-6   Savannah Station Phase I Alachua
WOD 01/19/2024 247630-1   Dingess Residence Lafayette
Individual 01/22/2024 205889-10   Momentum Labs Alachua
Exemption 01/22/2024 210212-2   J & J Storage and Warehouse Columbia
General 01/22/2024 246514-1   California Swamp Bridge Culvert Replacement Dixie
Exemption 01/22/2024 247439-1   Trenton Self Storage Gilchrist
Exemption 01/22/2024 247723-1   Orange State Towing Lot Columbia
Individual Mod 01/23/2024 210348-6   Andrews WMA River Road Improvements Levy
Exemption 01/23/2024 247726-1   Elite Metal Office Building Columbia
Exemption 01/29/2024 247684-1   SW Nature Park Study Alachua
Individual 01/31/2024 210182-2   Easton Park Improvements Alachua
Individual 01/31/2024 238250-7   Avalon Woods Phase 4A Alachua
Individual 02/01/2024 210588-8   Landstar Subdivision Lafayette
General 02/01/2024 225824-2   Stephen Springs Restoration Project Taylor
Individual 02/01/2024 243030-1   Racetrac Starke Bradford
Exemption 02/01/2024 247769-1   New Branford Coin Laundry WDF Building Suwannee
Exemption 02/02/2024 247728-1   Falling Creek RV Park Columbia
WOD 02/02/2024 247762-1   Arch Shed Lafayette
WOD 02/06/2024 247892-1   Byrley Dock Gilchrist
WOD 02/07/2024 209462-4   Greist Lot 2 Boardwalk and Bungalow Gilchrist
Standard General 02/07/2024 211716-4   Emergency Operations Center Dixie Dixie
Individual 02/07/2024 246313-1   Tara Larga Phases 1 & 2 Alachua
WOD 02/07/2024 247895-1   Eubanks Residence Columbia
Individual 02/08/2024 230720-4   Newberry Park - Aldi Alachua
General 02/09/2024 246605-1   McDaniel Road Taylor County Roadway Surfacing Taylor
Formal Wetland Determination 02/09/2024 246943-1   Quail Heights Flood Mitigation Area  Columbia
Exemption 02/12/2024 247982-1   Jenkins Farms Levy

For further information, please email or go to the E-Permitting website

*Substantially affected persons are entitled to request an administrative hearing, pursuant to Title 28, Florida Administrative Code, regarding the proposed agency action by submitting a written request after reviewing the staff report.

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