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Permitting for stormwater systems, water well construction, decks, docks, large water uses, ponds and more may require a permit through the District's Division of Resource Management. Click ePermit to apply now online.

The mission of Resource Management is to protect and manage natural systems through effective service initiatives to support the public resource needs, ensure sustainable economic development, and improve quality of life. The division houses four permitting programs. 

Questions About Your Project? Check out the resources below. 

How do I schedule a pre-application meeting?

Scheduling a pre-application meeting (“pre-app”) with the District staff is highly recommended. Pre-apps are free and can be performed at any time during the project design process. Pre-apps save time and often result in a quicker permit processing time. Project specifics, requirements and timelines can be discussed during this meeting. Staff will answer questions, offer suggestions, and propose alternatives to potential applicants. To schedule a pre-application meeting request, please download and fill out this form /DocumentCenter/View/18655/Pre-App-Form and email it to

The best part is that it's FREE and SAVES TIME with the permitting process!

Which state environmental agency should I talk to about my project? 

It depends. See our decision-tree to guide you to the correct agency. 

How long will it take to receive my permit?

Permitting timelines are governed by Florida statute to ensure a fair and timely review. District staff work to not only meet, but exceed, timeline expectations for the regulated public. See the timeline for each permit process for more information. 

My property has a wetland or wet area. What does that mean for my project? 

Wetlands play a vital ecological role in holding floodwaters, supporting water quality, recharging the aquifer, supporting wildlife and more. While avoidance is always the primary goal, project modifications and/or mitigation are ways to still accomplish the overall project goal. Visit our wetlands guide for more information. 

My property is along the river or coast, I am interested in a project regarding: 

Ready to submit a permit? Need to look-up specific permit information? 

The E-Permitting site provides access to various services offered via the portal, such as submit a permit application, respond to requests on pending applications, view the status of an application, submit compliance data for a permit, submit renewal or modification, and much more.

Visit the E-Permitting website. 

District Rules

District rules and regulations are created and adopted in order to comply with Florida Statutes and the Florida Administrative Code. Links to pertinent sections of the statutes and code are provided on the Rules & Statues page.

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