Conceptual Projects

Program Overview

The District is soliciting project applications in support of the District's core missions of Water Supply, Water Quality, Flood Protection and Natural Systems (Protection of Habitat).
This application is open year-round.  Projects may be conceptual, in the planning phase, or in design or permitting.
Projects may be evaluated for inclusion in the District's Planning Documents or for future funding opportunities.

Project Submittal

New Application form, reference materials and guidance documents are provided to assist with the application process.

The application form may be accessed with the following link:

To assist the applicant in completing the Conceptual Project Submittal a SAMPLE form is provided.  The  SAMPLE form may be downloaded for pre-review prior to the online application process.  All submittals must be done via the online application link above.
Please read the following guidance and reference materials which will provide the applicant with assistance for completing the application.
The District is committed to helping local communities and groups develop successful projects.  To meet with District staff to discuss potential projects please contact the Projects team at 386-362-1001 or