Best Management Practices

Though farmers are not subject to the landscape irrigation rule, they are doing their part to conserve by adhering to other water conservation regulations required as part of their water use permits. Many agriculture producers in our District are fulfilling those requirements by implementing best management practices (BMPs) through the Suwannee River and Ichetucknee partnerships.

BMPs are carried out through methods and tools that reduce water use. Improving irrigation system efficiency, evaluating systems for leaks, and ensuring that irrigation takes place only when necessary are some of the methods that help save water.

Benefits of BMPs

By improving irrigation management, farmers save an average of 1.5 million gallons of water per crop season.

About 99% of poultry farmers, 90% of dairies, and 70% of crop farmers within the District are implementing BMPs through the Suwannee River and Ichetucknee partnerships.

Both partnerships make cost share funding available to eligible farmers. Such funds help cover costs for technology and equipment used to implement BMPs.

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