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How is the District's vendor bid submission changing? 

Effective October 1, 2022, the District will only accept bid submissions via electronic submittal through DemandStar. Until that time, bids will be accepted both online through DemandStar and via hard copy submission. See the language outlined in each bid solicitation for more information. 

Why is the District moving to an online-only submission format for bids?

To streamline its bid system and to enhance the integrity of its bid openings, the District is switching to an online-only DemandStar service for competitive solicitations beginning October 1, 2022. This will simplify the current process and enhance the transparency of all contracts administered by the District.

Can I still submit hard copies?

No. Beginning October 1, 2022, bids for contracts will only be considered if they are submitted through the DemandStar service.

Will there be a cost to subscribe to the service?

There is no cost for vendors to subscribe to the DemandStar service. There is a paid option that vendors can utilize for alerts on new postings; however, the District will continue to post and advertise upcoming contracts in the same manner that it has before.

There is a fee to download from the DemandStar service; however, the solicitation packets will remain available for free at the District website.

How do I register?

Click here to sign up.

More information on the DemandStar service can be found at

For any additional questions, please contact the Records, Contracts and Procurement Manager at 386.362.1001 or by email to for any questions not already answered.