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1. Is the Suwannee River deep enough for boating activities?
2. Where can I get a map of the river, springs, and/or launch sites?
3. Where can I rent a boat, canoe, or kayak?
4. Can I camp along the river?
5. Is camping allowed on District lands?
6. What is the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail and where can I get information on it?
7. How can I reserve a space at one of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail cabins or river camps?
8. Where is the best place to boat on the Suwannee River?
9. Is fuel for my boat available on the Suwannee River?
10. Who establishes no-wake zones on the rivers?
11. Whom do I call to report boaters who violate no-wake zones?
12. What are sturgeons, and are they dangerous?
13. If I’m looking for a place to swim, where on District lands can I go?
14. While on a family outing at a local spring, we witnessed people drinking alcohol and trashing the place. Whom do we report this to and who is responsible for management of local springs?
15. Are all-terrain vehicles allowed on District lands?
16. Where is the best place for bike riding? How about horseback riding?
17. Does the District lease property for hunting?
18. What can I hunt on District properties?
19. How can I get a special use authorization?