Southeast Region

Southeast Recreation

The area designated as the southeast region encompasses portions of Levy, Gilchrist, Columbia, Alachua, Union and Bradford County. The westernmost boundary for this region follows the Lower Suwannee, Santa Fe, and Wacasassa rivers. They each flow southerly through the southeast region to the Gulf of Mexico.

Within the tracts owned and managed by the District, the region offers opportunities to bicycle, fish, hike, horseback ride, hunt, and view wildlife. The Lower Suwannee and Lower Santa Fe rivers provide excellent boating opportunities while the Upper Santa Fe and Lower Wacasassa rivers provide excellent paddling.

All the rivers have a number of springs that flow with an abundance of crystal clear water into the rivers.

District lands are numbered and circled in blue on the map above. Select one of these numbers or their corresponding link in the table below for a description and map of each tract.

TractATVsBikingFishingHikingHorseback RidingHuntingPicnicingSwimmingWildlife Viewing
1. Hatchbend, Grady, Stuart's LandingNone
YesYesYesYes None  None None  Yes
2. Guaranto, Log Landing, Suwannee Street None YesYesYesYesYes None  None Yes
3. LindseyNone  Yes None YesYesYesNone  None  Yes
3. Hart Springs Estates None Yes None YesYes None None  None  Yes
4. Purvis Landing, Shingle LandingNone  YesYesYesYesYesNone  None  Yes
4. Otter Springs None YesYesYesYesNone  YesYesYes
5. Andrews None YesYesYes None YesNone   None Yes
6. New Pine Landing, Manatee Springs South None YesYesYesYesNone   None None  Yes
SunnyvaleNone  YesNone  YesYesYesNone  None  Yes
7. Cedar Branch, Fletcher LandingNone  YesYesYesNone  Yes None None  Yes
7. Turkey IslandNone  YesNone  YesYes None  None  None Yes
8. Santa Fe Swamp, Lake AltoNone  YesNone  YesYesYesNone   None Yes
9. Mud SwampNone  Yes None YesYesNone  None   None Yes
10. Santa Fe River Ranch None Yes None YesYesNone  None  None  Yes
11. Poe Springs None None  None  Yes None None  None  None  Yes
12. 47 Bridge None YesYesYesYesNone  None  None  Yes
13. Santa Fe OasisNone   None  None YesNone  Yes None  None Yes
14. Devil's Hammock None YesYesYesYesYesYesNone  Yes
15. Atsena Otie, Lukens None None  YesYes None None  None  None  Yes

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