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District-Wide Cost-Share Program
The District's Governing Board has designated $1.5 million annually for four years for agricultural cost-share programs. The funds – available starting October 2012 – will be used District wide for projects such as irrigation retrofits, new water saving technologies, and alternative water supplies. The District's Ag Team will coordinate the projects. To apply for cost-share funding, please complete the cost-share application or contact a member of the District's Ag Team.

The following is a summary of anticipated results.

Center PivotFiscal Year 12/13
  • Estimated 5.2 million gallons per day of groundwater savings.
  • $1,200,550 of Funds Obligated.
  • 70 Irrigation Retrofits.
  • 211 Advanced Irrigation Scheduling Tools.
  • 8 Special Projects.

Fiscal Year 13/14
  • Estimated 3.87 million gallons per day of groundwater savings.
  • $837,575 of Funds Obligated.
  • 67 Irrigation Retrofits.
  • 100 Advanced Irrigation Scheduling Tools.

Fiscal Year 14/15
  • Estimated 1.1 million gallons per day of groundwater savings.
  • $467,390 of Funds Obligated.
  • 19 Irrigation Retrofits.
  • 43 Advanced Irrigation Scheduling Tools.

Alternative Water Supply Projects

The District is interested in promoting Alternative Water Supply projects to encourage the use of lower quality water sources throughout the district. Potential projects could include use of surface water bodies, tailwater recovery from surface runoff or tile drainage systems, use of reclaimed water or other lower quality sources. If you are interested in partnering with the District on projects like these, please contact a member of the Ag Team.

Ag Team Contact Information

Phone 386.362.1001 or 800.226.1066 (FL only) or use the Contact Us form to reach a member of the Ag Team.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection currently has funds available to assist in implementing the Basin Management Action Plans (BMAP). For more information about BMAP Cost-Share Programs, please view our Basin Management Action Plan/BMAP Cost Share page.

Cost-share for implementing BMPs may be available from one or more of the following partners: