2019-2020 SPRINGS Project Submittals

The Springs Projects listed below have been submitted to the District for consideration.  The projects will be presented at the Governing Board Meeting on April 9, 2019.

Applicant Project Name Description Total Cost Funding Requested
Alachua County Poe Spring Sediment Removal and Habitat Restoration

Alachua County proposes to remove 1,100-1,200 cubic yards of sediment from the main spring and stabilize soils and restore habitat.



Alachua County Alachua County Turf SWAP Rebate Program and Landscape Irrigation Retrofits

ACEPD is proposing to continue the successful Turf SWAP (Save Water, Add Plants) rebate program designed to assist homeowners with the costly transition from irrigated turf to Florida Friendly Landscapes. Estimated 0.074 MGD conserved.



Alachua, City of Alachua Wetland - Aquifer Remediation

This project proposes the development of a pump-and-treat wetland system developed at the City of Alachua wastewater facility. Estimated 2,170 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.


Archer, City of Archer Waste Water System Improvements, Ph 1
The City of Archer is a small rural community with no centralized waste water system.  The project proposes to construct a centralized collection system with AWT and constructed wetlands to replace the failing septic systems. Estimated 3,682 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
Branford, Town of Branford Spring cleanup and bank stabilization
The town of Branford desires to restore the spring vent by removing silt and other rock obstructions and to stabilize the banks in a manner that will facilitate reasonable public access while stopping further erosion.  The Spring is second magnitude with multiple vents. Estimated 1,000 lbs. of sediment removed.
Bronson, Town of Bronson Septic tank Phase out
The project includes extending service to a portion of Ph 2 area of the Town's planned multi-phase effort.  The improvements will be limited to gravity sewer extensions from the Ph 1 system.  This project is currently funded by a CDBG. Estimated 274 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
Dixie County Dixie Co Multiple basin aquifer recharge improvements
Design and construct a wetland restoration system to re-establish natural drainage patterns using culverts and flashboards.  Project will funnel excess surface water to new and existing recharge features. Estimated 6.06 MGD of recharge.
Fanning Springs, City of Fanning Springs WW system Expansion, Ph VI, WWTF
The construction of a new 400,000 GPD Regional AWT WWTF with a constructed wetland aquifer recharge system having an overall budget Est of $15 Million.  It is planned to be funded thru three consecutive funding cycles. Estimated 1,326 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
Ft. White, Town of Ft. White Regional Sanitary Sewer System
Construction of a regional WWTF and collection/transmission system within a priority focus area and pending BMAP to serve the towns of Ft White, Three Rivers Estates, Ichetucknee Springs State Park and surrounding areas.  This project will reduce TN by 257 lbs./yr. and future systems by 27.5%.
GRU GRU Groundwater Recharge Wetland
GRU proposes to construct a groundwater recharge wetland using reclaimed water from the Kanapaha Water Reclamation facility. Estimated 3 MGD water recharge.
Hamilton County Hamilton Co Drainage well plug and replacement
Plugging and replacement of the two existing 12 inch drainage wells in Hamilton County.  The wells will assimilate a total of 2 MGD.
High Springs, City of High Springs Gravity Sewer Extension Ph A2
Phase A2 will involve approx. 13,200 LF of gravity sewer to an existing subdivision, eliminating an estimated 168 septic tanks. Estimated 1,534 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
High Springs, City of High Springs WWTF Expansion
Expansion of the existing system from 0.24 to 0.48 MGD to continue septic to sewer conversion and handle system wide growth. Estimated 600 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
Lake Butler, City of Lake Butler AWT Upgrade
The existing WWTF operates above the 700,000 GPD capacity and without nitrogen removal AWT capabilities.  The City proposes to construct a new 1 MGD AWTF. Estimated 2,988 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
Lawtey, City of Lawtey Water Main Replacements
Replacement of 40 year old distribution system consisting of ductile iron pipe and thin wall PVC.  Estimated water conservation of 0.019 MGD.
Live Oak, City of Live Oak Duval St and 105th WW Extension
Phase 1 includes construction of a new WW collection system including a new pump station and approx. 7000 LF of gravity sewer and 23 manholes.  Initial ph. will serve 30 homes and 3 businesses.   This project provides the infrastructure for future connections. Estimated 846 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
Live Oak, City of Live Oak 2nd and Evelyn
Phase 1 includes construction of a new WW collection system including a new pump station and approx. 3100 LF of gravity sewer.  Initial ph. will serve 30 homes.  Future Ph 2 will serve a 20-unit complex, 30 single family homes & 5 businesses.  This project provides the infrastructure for future connections. Estimated 604 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
NCRWA Otter and Hart Springs WW system Extensions, Ph 2
Supplemental construction funds for Otter Springs Ph 1 and decommission of the Hart Springs WWTP, 5 miles of force main, lift stations, on site gravity system for the HS park, and conversion of septic to sewer in the vicinity of Fanning Springs. Estimated 940 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
SRWMD Lyme Gilchrist
Conservation easement for 17,854 acres. Approximately 12,167 acres are located in the Devils Ear Complex springshed with first magnitude springs. Over 12,000 acres of medium recharge and over 5,000 acres of high recharge with additional flood and surface water protection.
SRWMD Bradford County Recharge and Silviculture Enhancement Project
The Project will take place in Bradford County and enhance opportunities for aquifer recharge on silvicultural lands and areas with excess surface waters. Estimated 3.0 MGD of water supplied for recharge.
SRWMD Long Pond Option 2
Land acquisition of 964 acres to provide springshed protection to Manatee Springs Priority Focus area.  Also includes flood plain and surface water protection.
Taylor Coastal Water and Sewer District TCWSD Water System Improvement Ph 1
Cap and replace two wells.  One is undersized and the other has iron bacteria requiring flushing twice per month. Reduced flushing expected to conserve 240,000 Gal per month.  New wells would be drilled on TCWSD owned site. Estimated 0.008 MGD conserved.
Trenton, City of Trenton WWTF Improvements
The City intends to rehabilitate, improve, and expand the various system components to provide a reliable system, but also a WWTF that can meet AWT levels.  Estimated 1,461 lbs./yr. of Total Nitrogen to be removed.
UF IFAS/SRWMD On-Farm BMP and Nutrient Stewardship Program
This will be a 5-year on-farm demonstration project within BMAP areas and some within a PFA. Four large-scale producers per year will be selected to participate in the trial.   All 20 locations over 140 acres will be side dress fertilized using a high boy sprayer modified with drops to apply liquid fertilizer to the rootzone of the crop. Fertilizer applications will be made up to four times based on grower feedback.  Estimated Total Nitrogen reduction of 5,040 lbs./yr.ns.